Silent in the Voices

Written and performed by Prakriti Das

(The following poem was presented in a Slam Poetry event held by Shakti Shalini, Pandies Theatre and Studio 81 on 5th August, 2018. The theme was Gender Equality)


Silent in the Voices

Noises of opinions, noises of mockery,

Noises of laughter, spleen and shame,

Echoing through you, in your numbness.

Some of it dust off,

Some of it evaporates into forgetfulness,

Lost in the intricate labyrinths of your mind.

And some of it settles down,

Darker than that shadow,

Which never fails to leave its trail.

It magnifies itself,

From the prick of a thorn

To the firm grasp of despair and self-loathing,

Refusing to let go of your own self,

Muffling the screams of your grief.

You want to talk,

You want to try to wrench that feeling out of you,

And yet you are silent, not even voiceless anymore.



Frozen in the midst of shrieking agonies,

Frozen in the midst of the warmest presences.

Does this feeling ever go away?

Can shame ever go away?

Or do you simply rest and watch all your life

Slowly oozing out of you?

Like wreaths of grey smoke

Coiling itself in red air

Slowly fading away, subsuming into nothingness,

Silent in the Voices.


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